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facial treatments


active hygiene

Personalized hygiene based on skin type to correct pores and remove dead cells and blackheads. Your skin will be hydrated, free of impurities and with a more uniform tone.  




Thorough treatment for oily skin with specific non-comedogenic and antibacterial products against acne. Your skin will be clean and radiant.




We restore balance and skin homeostasis, recovering hydration from the depth of the tissue to the surface, neutralizing dryness and providing a response to the specific hydration needs of each skin. Your skin will be more resistant and healthy.





We regenerate the cells of the epidermis to strengthen the natural protective barrier of lipids and thus avoid dehydration and dryness. Your skin will look firm and radiant.



chemical peels

  • Accelerates cell renewal

  • Increases collagen production

  • Treats acne scars and stretch marks

  • Allows you to remove stains

  • More homogeneous coloration

  • Tightening effect: reduces the size and depth of wrinkles

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