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We relax your muscles in a general or localized way to improve contractures caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or too sedentary a life.




Manual therapy to stimulate the well-being of body and mind through the production of endorphins that help reduce pain and stress, reaching a deep state of relaxation.




Through specialized movements, we activate the blood supply to promote cell exchange. It is used to improve circulatory disorders, cellulite, tired legs, fluid retention, edema, muscle injuries, contractures, varicose veins and heaviness in the legs.

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foot reflexology


Ancient therapy based on the relationship between the different parts of the body and the energy points located in the feet. Through pressure points we manage to significantly improve your physical and mental conditions through a total healing stimulus.


Lymphatic drainage


Soft and light massage to relieve tension in a localized way and stimulate lymphatic circulation, reducing inflammation and improving fluid retention.

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